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Glass Reproduction

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PRESS & BLOW METHODAll containers are made in a 2-step process. Firstly a ‘parison’ or pre-form is made. This is then put into a mould and blown so that it is pushed against the surface of the mould to form the finished shape.

In the press and blow method, the parison is formed by pressing molten glass called gobs into a mould. This is then cooled so that it keeps its shape whilst being transferred to another mould. Heat and compressed air or a vacuum causes the pre-form to push against the sides of the new mould, this time in the shape of the finished bottle.

The bottles are reheated again before the glass is cooled in a lehr. This final re-heating removes the stress caused by the blowing process and prevents the bottle from breaking.


This time, the pre-form is made in 2 steps. The molten gobs of glass are firstly poured into a mould and the neck formed. The rest of the parison is formed by blowing the liquid to the edges of the mould. This is then removed and put into another mould to be blown into the finished shape as with the Press & Blow method.

Modern machinery makes it possible to produce multiple containers simultaneously to so that more bottles can be made – up to 600 bottles per minute is possible.


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