Product Name Brass Chain
Item No CH-36
Apprx.Gm per foot 113
Link Sizing (mm) / (in)
Height 54mm / 2″ 1/8
Width 32mm / 1″ 2/8
Link Thickness N/A
Connecting Ring Size (mm) / (in)
Height 19mm / 6/8″
Width 7mm / 2/8″
Link Thickness N/A
Finish Acid Dipped (AD); Polished Brass(PB); Bronze (BRZ); Old English (OE);
Polish Nickel (PN); Chrome (CHM)
Notes * This chain is sold in minimum 3 foot lengths.
* Additional custom finishes may be available, minimum
order quantities requirements may apply for custom finishes
* Brass Chains are for decorative purposes and we do
not recommend that they be used for hanging heavy chandeliers
* Weight, Sizing and specifications of items shown are
approximate and may not be exact.